Bright Blue Gorilla presents; "36 Husbands"
  • Bright Blue Gorilla presents; "36 Husbands"

    Come celebrate the Queenstown & Tasmania Premiere Screening of “36 Husbands” on Tuesday, March 24, with the filmmakers! This will be an uplifting and inspiring evening! 36 Husbands is the 7th feature film from Bright Blue Gorilla, award winning filmmakers & musicians from Los Angeles. Bright Blue Gorilla (director Michael Glover and producer Robyn Rosenkrantz) will perform a live concert before the film, with Q&A after. 
    36 Husbands is a mystical, musical, romantic, Kung Fu spy comedy starring 3 powerful women - and a bunch of husbands. Krista, top spy and Kung Fu master, has extraordinary powers and she puts them in action on her quest to slow down the march towards World War III. Together with her Kung Fu disciples, Gina and Nola, (and Frankie, a spy on-loan from MI6) they fight and love their way across the world leaving a trail of broken hearts and sabotaged plans. All the spies and evil-doers are tuning into the Bright Blue Gorilla TV show. Why do they watch? Is it the music, is it the comedy? This uplifting independent film is quirky, clever, fun, and full of surprises.

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